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Al Mouj Muscat Marathon, Oman, 19 January 2018. Photo: Antony Jones/Lloyd Images

Distance Running 2018 Edition 2 is now available. Competitors at AIMS and IAAF affiliated races during the second quarter of 2018 will be able to pick up the magazine free of charge from the race organisers.

The magazine includes:

  • The latest news from AIMS, IAAF, IAU and WMRA.
  • Results, pictures and reports from races held during the first quarter of 2018.
  • The official AIMS calendar of events and race contact details.*
  • Features on:
    • Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon, Japan
    • Split Half Marathon, Croatia
    • Zurich Marato de Barcelona, Spain
    • EDP Lisbon Half Marathon, Portugal

You can also read or download the entire magazine here:

Read Distance Running 2018 Edition 2 online 

The entire 2018 Edition 2 (PDF, 49 MB)

*Please note that whilst the calendar and contact details were believed correct at the time of publication, runners should confirm directly with the race organisers prior to booking travel arrangements.

Distance Running is also available free on issuu.

Maintaining a tradition

Maintaining a tradition

Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon, Sun 4 March 2018

Lakeside setting for one of world’s fastest races

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See the latest news from Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon

Running through time

Running through time

Split Half Marathon, Sun 25 February 2018

Manifestation of sporting and humanitarian character organized by volunteers

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See the latest news from Split Half Marathon

A party atmosphere

A party atmosphere

Zurich Marato de Barcelona, Sun 11 March 2018

Romantic tour of the city which leaves runners with unforgettable memories

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See the latest news from Zurich Marató de Barcelona

Stormy weather

Stormy weather

EDP Lisbon Half Marathon, Sun 11 March 2018

Fast course awaits better conditions in 2019

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See the latest news from EDP Lisbon Half Marathon


Running out of the dark

Unique distance running event helps integrate visually impaired people

Marathon movers

Gilligan’s isle

By Thom Gilligan
“As a child I dreamed about exploring foreign places,” says Thom Gilligan. Born in a Boston suburb the Marathon became “engrained in my DNA”. He combined wanderlust with the marathon urge by forming Marathon Tours Inc and helped give shape to distance running as we know it today.

Marathon greats

Spiridon Louis

By Hugh Jones
Winner of first modern Olympic marathon

Also in this issue …

Race previews: Irish Examiner Cork City Marathon; St Petersburg Half Marathon; Meia Maratona Internacional do Rio 2018 Rio Half Marathon; Hokkaido Marathon
Lives remembered: Ken Young, 1942–2018, Dr David Martin, 1939–2018

News from AIMS, IAAF, WMRA and IAU; Race dates; Race contact details.